Union Arts and Science Charter School

Dear Parents and Families of Union Arts and Science Charter School,


It is with deep regret that we share the following news with you.  As a result of the City of Linden’s Zoning Board of Adjustment’s failure to approve a requested variance by a vote of 4-3, we were unable to secure the school building for the 2017-2018 academic year, and the Board of Trustees of Union ASCS has passed a resolution to surrender its charter.


Our request to utilize the existing, vacant accessory building on the site for primary use as a public charter school was narrowly defeated despite support from the parish, support via the expert testimony provided (including a comprehensive traffic study and safety plan), and the verbal and written support of families from Linden and Elizabeth who had enrolled their students for the upcoming school year.  The building is currently used not only for religious education, but also as a Polish Cultural Center, with hundreds of students in aggregate attending.  To be clear, a parochial school could open in the building tomorrow without additional variance approvals by the Zoning Board of Adjustment; our application was rejected despite clear support and evidence of demand, safety, and compliance.


We believe the decision of the Zoning Board had very little to do with actual municipal land use law, and instead was a result of political pressure and an aggressive campaign launched by the Linden Board of Education to discredit the charter school.  This biased decision is a blow to the hundreds of applicants – the children and families of Linden and Elizabeth - who have had their ability for public school choice taken from them.


We have enjoyed our time meeting with you, and we are saddened that we are not able to be a part of your child’s education.  We urge you to stay involved and to continue to fight for your right to public school choice in your communities, and we wish you and your children much success in the future.



Union Arts and Science Charter School

Resolution of Surrender

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